Who is TimeOut Fyn?

​TimeOut Fyn is a shelter facility with high-risk security per the Danish Social Service Law §109. The temporary facility has 12 beds for women and accompanying children up to 17 years old.

TimeOut Fyn has guards stationed around the clock, so you can show up at any time. We can pick you up (and any children) anywhere in the country, so you're safe and secure on contact.

If you bring an iPhone, Apple computer, or iPad, you must turn off "Find my iPhone" on all your electronic devices before arriving at our shelter facility, if possible.​

Who do we shelter?

TimeOut Fyn shelters those who have been subject to physical, psychological, digital, sexual, financial, and/or material threat and/or violence in their close relationships or experienced comparable crises in familial or intimate relationships. TimeOut Fyn also shelters those who have been deemed "particularly endangered" by a safety evaluation. This refers to people whose lives have been threatened or whose partner/family are likely to seek them out.

Unfortunately, TimeOut Fyn is unable to take in women with active substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, or pills), women suspected to have a severe mental illness (psychosis, paranoia, etc.), or wheelchair users and others with limited mobility.​

Values and professional approach

TimeOut Fyn believes that acknowledgement and appreciation are the foundation that allows people to notice and access their own strengths and resources, so they can achieve new insights and bring about change.

For that reason, TimeOut Fyn's approach is rooted in the German philosopher Axel Honneth's theory of three spheres:​

  • The private sphere
    ​Being met with love and emotional attention is necessary in order to develop and/or maintain confidence.
  • The legal sphere
    ​Being seen as an autonomous, respected person gives one a real feeling of equality.

  • The solidarity sphere
    ​Being appreciated in the social community is a condition for feeling valued in the community.

Furthermore, TimeOut Fyn offers an approach that supports recovery and focuses on empowerment, starting with the individual's wishes and ideas of where they need help. TimeOut Fyn believes that each woman is a competent authority on her life and knows what solution will work in a given situation.

TimeOut Fyn focuses on you at our high-security shelter facility

Support, advice, and guidance.

Open 24/7 for you

Our high-security shelter is open 24/7, so we're always here to help if you need us.

Compassion and professional competence

With great compassion and professional competence, we get you established in a new life defined by calm and safety.

Pickup from anywhere in Denmark

Never hesitate to get in touch with us. We help by picking you up anywhere in Denmark.

Life at TimeOut Fyn

While you stay at TimeOut Fyn, you will have your own furnished "living room" with a double bed, closet, couch, dining setup, TV, fridge/freezer, kettle, and microwave. It is possible to get two connected living rooms if bringing more than three children. Some of the living rooms are slightly shielded if we feel that you might need this.

You are responsible for keeping your "living room" clean.

TimeOut Fyn offers excellent facilities and activity spaces, both indoors and out, for accompanying children.

You are responsible for any accompanying children.

During your stay

You (and any accompanying children) will have a dedicated contact person, who is either a social worker or educator. All staff members have an acknowledging, inclusionary, and holistic approach, so you can find out what you need in your current life situation.

You will be offered conversations and have the option to process acute crises and trauma to help you stand by your decision, learn to take care of yourself, and lay a strong foundation for a life free of violence. You and any accompanying children will also receive three main meals.

After your stay

After your stay, it is possible to receive aftercare – in the form of limited CTI management – pending an agreement with your home municipality. Should you start CTI management, you will be put in contact with a CTI employee from the shelter, who will follow you as you move into your own home.

If you have any questions about a potential stay, you are always welcome to give us a call, send us an email, or show up at the facility (with an appointment) for supportive consultation or guidance.

We are available 24/7

​Call us now - we'll help with the next step!

Do you need help,
​or do you want to learn more?

If you have been exposed to violence, you have the right to stay at a women's shelter facility.

You can contact TimeOut Fyn at any time to hear if we have space.

You do not need to get in touch with administrative offices or the authorities first.

You do not need to report the violence to the police, either.

You can also ask someone from your network to contact TimeOut Fyn.

TimeOut Fyn ApS  •  CVR: 40969829